In Below example we are having Employee data  as input which we are going to get into an Excel file. We can have different file formats as an input and can create a Excel file i.e. .xls file. Design the job similar to as shown below:
e3 - Scenario Quest 5
Open Unstructured data stage properties, under the Stage tab–> select Properties–> Document type ‘Excel’ and we can also select Write mode ‘Create a file’ which will create a new file or we can select the option ‘Modify an existing file’ as per our requirement.
e1 - Scenario Quest 5

Select ‘Configure’ button to configure the output file, specify the write method and provide the path and filename with .xls extension to generate a Excel file.

e2 - Scenario Quest 5

Save, compile and run the job.

outputExcel - Scenario Quest 5

After successful completion of the job, Excel file is generated in the given path as shown below.

e4 - Scenario Quest 5

Output Data :

eresult - Scenario Quest 5