Column Generator Stage - Column Generator Stage Example

Column Generator Stage Example

The Column Generator stage adds columns to incoming data and generates mock data for these columns for each data row processed. The new data set is then output. (See also the Row Generator stage which allows us to generate complete sets of mock data, Row generator stage.)

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Remove Duplicate Stage - Remove Duplicates Stage Example

Remove Duplicates Stage Example

The Remove Duplicates stage is one of a processing stage. It can have a single input link and a single output link. The Remove Duplicates stage takes a single sorted data set as input, removes all duplicate rows, and writes the results to an output data set. It has more sophisticated ways to remove duplicates for example we have an option to choose to retain the First or Last duplicate to keep.

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Change Capture Stage - Change Capture Stage Example

Change Capture Stage Example

The Change Capture Stage is one of a processing stage and the purpose of this stage as the name suggests is to capture the change between two input data by comparing them based on a Key column. The two input links are linked with Change Capture stage by the two default link names i.e. ‘Before’ and ’After’. This change captured is mentioned in the output in the form of ‘Change code’ in a separate column.

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